Friday, July 22, 2016

What is LEGO® IDEAS ?

Okay, so I have been talking about LEGO® IDEAS for awhile and you probably want to know what it is about. LEGO® IDEAS is a cool site made by the LEGO® Group. You can submit your ideas and share with other users. You can also support other user's projects, follow them, comment on their projects, and more. To make your IDEAS account you need to use a LEGO® ID or create one on LEGO®.com.  Then use your LEGO® ID to make your LEGO® IDEAS account. Then you are ready to explore the site of LEGO® IDEAS. The best part is your idea can become a LEGO® set and you have one year to reach 10,000 supporters. You will also receive other benefits such as commission and recognition on your project. Click here to explore the site of LEGO® IDEAS

Here are some great projects form other users.

And here is my project LEGO® Disney™ Tsum Tsum™ Mickey. 

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Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July

Today I am sharing my creation for the Fourth of July for 2016. In a few months we will be celebrating over 4 years of operation on this blog. I have been quite busy on other work and will try to post more often. Fourth of July is also known as Independence Day. Because it is the day us Americans celebrate our freedom as our own country. I hope you enjoy my creation.

God Bless,

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Tusm Tusm™ Minnie LEGO® Style

I am super excited to share a new Tsum Tsum™ from my new line of Tsum Tsum™ LEGO® Style. I know everyone loved Mickey so, I decided to build Minnie. Minnie is similar to Mickey, but is more complex. I also want to announce that I have added Mickey to the LEGO® Ideas site. You can vote for him to make him an actual LEGO® set. I would like to thank everyone that has voted for him and I am believing for more supporters. I hope you like it.

Vote for him here. And it could become a LEGO® set.

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Paw Patrol: Marshall Build it Yourself

Today I am showing how to build Marshall from the hit T.V. series Paw Patrol. Marshall is a dalmatian fire pup and is a bit clumsy. His motto is "I'm fired up."

I will be posting more Paw Patrol - Build it Yourself videos, so be sure to subscribe so you do not miss any.

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Paw Patrol™ and its characters and logos are copyright of Spin Master™. Spin Master™ does not endorse Building Legos with Christ and is a separate company.  Building Legos with Christ™ and BLWC™ and its characters, logos are copyrighted their respected owners. Neither Spin master or Building Legos with Christ is affiliated with each other.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Paw Patrol LEGO® Style

Hello again! It has been a pleasure working on LEGO® Paw Patrol Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, and Zuma. Lots of viewers loved them and wanted to build them and that is why I rebuilt them. I will be using techniques that may be a bit difficult, so if you have any questions please leave me a comment below. I had some requests for a Everest and Skye creation. I am working on these Build It Yourself videos, also called BIY videos. I am also secretly working on a huge project that I will be revealing soon it is taking some time and using up a bunch of bricks. Here are the pictures. Please tell me which one is your favorite in the comments below.

God Bless,

Paw Patrol™ and its characters and logos are copyright of Spin Master™. Spin Master™ does not endorse Building Legos with Christ and is a separate company.  Building Legos with Christ™ and BLWC™ and its characters, logos are copyrighted their respected owners. Neither Spin master or Building Legos with Christ is affiliated with each other. As of  06/03/16

Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day

Hi readers. Today I am sharing one of my new builds. It is a build for Memorial Day. Memorial Day is the day we honor our fallen soldiers. I hope you enjoy this build.

Happy Memorial Day!

God Bless,

Saturday, May 21, 2016

LEGO© WALL-E: Review

The LEGO Wall-E set is out. It is just like the the character from the movie with rotating arms, movable treads, rotating head, moving hands, and opening front. He is one cool character. Wall-E is built out of a rare yellow and has other cool pieces. This is not an ordinary LEGO set. It was actually voted in as a LEGO IDEAS set. Augus MacLane the animation director of Wall-E from Disney/Pixar built the set.

Here is what he said about the build and the character.

Augus MacLane
“I started building the LEGO® version of WALL•E around the same time he was being built in the computer at Pixar, in the late summer of 2005. The color scheme of the character wasn’t settled so I started building with all light gray. As we refined the robot’s design for the film, I would update my LEGO model. Once we got busier on the film, I had less time to build, so I put him on the shelf for a while.
Once we finished animation production in 2008, I rebuilt him with the proper colors. The original treads I used were too small and pretty flimsy, but a LEGO bulldozer had been launched by then, which gave me my solution. After I submitted the design to LEGO Ideas, I did a few more revisions to the model to make it more accurate to the character design. Having stared at this robot for so many years, I was extremely familiar with the proportions and functionality of WALL•E. Great input from LEGO Product Designer Steen Sig Andersen and the team at The LEGO Group, and from Andrew Stanton (the director of WALL•E), helped push the LEGO WALL•E to its final design. It took a lot of iterations over almost a decade, but I’m really happy with how the final LEGO WALL•E turned out.”

Here is what LEGO® said about the movie WALL-E.

Wall-E image

WALL•E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class), is the last robot left on Earth. He spends his days tidying up the planet, one pile of garbage at a time. During the 700 years he has existed, WALL•E has developed a personality, and he is more than a little lonely. Then he meets EVE, a sleek search robot sent to Earth on a scanning mission. WALL•E chases EVE across the galaxy and inadvertently embarks on a space journey that ultimately decides the fate of humankind.

Here is a video about the set.

God Bless,

Saturday, April 16, 2016

LEGO® Scuderia Ferrari Truck: Review

Hop on aboard the new LEGO® Scuderia Ferrari Truck. This car comes with six minifigures with a cool scooter, F1 race car, extra tires, and other features. The F1 race car also comes with two front parts. In my opinion, this set is pricey, yet it is worth top dollar. This is only one set from all of the Ferrari sets from LEGO®.

F14 T & Scuderia Ferrari Truck
The Scuderia Ferrari Truck is a big set.

It has extra tires and two hoods so you can stay in the race.

F14 T & Scuderia Ferrari Truck
The crew and the Truck.

God Bless,

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New Minifigures Coming Soon!

There are new minifigures coming soon! These are different because they are all Disney and Pixar characters. The series contains Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Alice,  Cheshire Cat, Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Maleficent, Ariel, Ursula, Genie, Aladdin, Stitch, Mr. Incredible, Syndrome, Buzz Lightyear, and Alien.  These will be a huge collectors item. I will try to get some of them and maybe post a review on them.

Here is a picture.

God Bless,