Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Scratch Game: Drums

Today I am happy to present my scratch game, Drums. If you have a touch screen just touch the screen to play.  If not click the drums or cymbals to make your own music.

God Bless,

Monday, July 28, 2014

How Do You Homeschool with LEGO® Bricks?

LEGO® bricks are a big part of homeschooling for our family.  We love the challenge of making things out of LEGO® bricks.  Some people see LEGO® bricks as just a set.  They build the creation, break it down, and put it away to build some other time.  I am excited about each set I get.  I build the set and play with it for a little while.  It usually sets on my shelf until it gets broken from playing with it or I need some pieces to build a new creation.  Then I break it down and the pieces join my collection.  The manual is placed in a box with my other manuals in case I decide to build it again.Then I have a nice collection of bricks to create anything I want with no instructions.  I have been asked if I just build from other peoples instructions, the answer is, no.  My creations are 100% mine and created as I go.

Today I would like to share with you some of my little brothers creations from our Geography Fair this past year. He studied England, and now every time he sees a Union Jack he says it's his country.  He did a awesome job on these with very little help.  I am surprised at some of his creations and am proud that he is creative.  He will be really excited to see his creations on my blog today.  So, if you like them leave us a comment or hit the thumbs up on Facebook.   I know that some mentioned that they had difficulty commenting. I made some changes to the comment section, and I hope it will be easier for everyone that wishes to comment.

Homeschooling with LEGO Bricks - England Creations
Flags of  England made from LEGO® bricks and a mini figure Royal Guard

Homeschooling with LEGO Bricks - England Creations
Home of the big bell "Big Ben".  I like my brother's English Frog. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baby Moses

Today I am sharing a LEGO® creation I made for the Bible story of Baby Moses.  The story can be found starting in Exodus 2.

LEGO Bible Story Creation:  Baby Moses

LEGO Bible Story Creation:  Baby Moses

My creation is showing Pharoah's daughter drawing Baby Moses from the water of the Nile. If you are unfamiliar with the story, Pharoah ordered every Hebrew baby boy to be thrown into the Nile River. Moses mother hid him for three months. When she could no longer hide him, she placed him in a basket, and placed the basket in the Nile River. When Pharoah's daughter went down to the Nile River to bathe she found the basket and felt sorry for Baby Moses. The sister of Moses was watching in the distance and asked Pharoah's daughter if she would like her to get one of the Hebrew women to nurse the baby. Pharoah's daughter agreed and Moses's mother was able to continue to take care of her baby until he was old enough to go live with Pharoah's daughter.

Here is a YouTube Video of the story.  I love these YouTube videos by Teaching Kids About Jesus.

If you have not read the story of Moses I hope that you are wondering what became of Moses. I'll let you read the rest of the story in Exodus.

Do you use LEGO® bricks to build creations from the Bible? If so, I would love to see what you are building.  I love when my readers share their creations or comments.

I am two likes away from 100 likes on Facebook.  If you haven't liked my page would you consider giving me the thumbs up?

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Scratch: Piano Game

Hi, this is my new Piano game that I programmed in Scratch.  I am very excited about sharing it with you.  To control the piano you click the piano keys to make music. The game is touch screen compatible, if you don't have a touch screen you can use a mouse. It is really cool in touch screen.

Let me know what you think.  Did I mention I love comments?  They make my day!

God Bless,

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Treats LEGO® Style

It has been one hot summer!  I created these LEGO® Popsicles for some thing fun.  Just a warning, I'm having fun with this one so you will be seeing more of these.

LEGO Popsicles

Stay cool and enjoy a Popsicle today!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Fun!

I hope you are having a fun summer.  We are having a blast with all the fun summer activities.

Today I am sharing a LEGO® Micro Creation of a Sandcastle.  Hope you enjoy it!

LEGO Sandcastle

Happy Summer!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Minecraft 8.1 Creative Mode Tutorial: How to Build a Medium House

Today I am sharing my first video tutorial for those who are new to Minecraft and would like to build things in creative mode.  I am sharing how to build a medium size house in Minecraft 8.1 Pocket Edition.  Minecraft Creative Mode can be used to make all kinds of creative creations.  It is really a fun application!

 I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

God Bless,

Please note that Minecraft has recently updated on 7/10/2014.  If you do not currently have Minecraft Pocket Edition the new version will include the ability to spawn monster mobs.  If you do have Minecraft Pocket Edition I do not recommend you run the update on this product unless you want the ability to spawn monster mobs in your game.  

Friday, July 18, 2014

Should You Judge?

Minecraft Creative Mode, Should you Judge?

Minecraft has been out for years.  I have heard numerous kids conversations about zombies and battling all sorts of things.  I found myself surrounded by kids that all they could talk about was Minecraft.  It seemed like every kid in the world was playing this game including my cousin and homeschool friends.  I felt alone at times like I didn't fit in, there was no way I was joining a game of zombies.  I knew in my heart that games that kill did not honor God.

A few month's back after attending a homeschool function it really hit me.  I was loosing all my friends to a game that I didn't want to play or even hear about.  I was judging my friends based on what I overheard about the game.  While talking with my mom, she asked me how I knew that game was so bad.  I told her I overheard kids talking about it.  She decided to download a trial version of the game to her PC and we went through the game.  We played peaceful mode.  I didn't have a clue about the game.  I learned that there were no zombies in peaceful mode.  The game made a lot of weird noises.  I didn't care for the noises but, saw nothing wrong with peaceful mode.  It was at that point that I realized maybe my friends were playing peaceful mode too.  Was I judging my friends and others on things that I heard?  I felt bad.

After talking with my homeschool friend,  I learned about Minecraft Pocket Edition CREATIVE MODE available on the app stores.  My friend told me about how he and his family had built Disney World Theme Parks complete with roller coasters.  He told me how they worked together as a family and play in the same world.  This really caught my attention!  He told me that there were no weird noises or zombies in CREATIVE MODE in Minecraft Pocket Edition and unlimited building supplies.  I love building and technology.  This was the best of both worlds for me.

I downloaded it from the app store and decided to give it a try.  There were no instructions.  My mom and I looked for several tutorials to get started.   Everything I could find was in SURVIVAL MODE.  I decided that kids needed to understand how to use this game to be creative and build cool things.  I started making tutorials to share on my blog.

On Thursday, July 10th, 2014, Minecraft had it's biggest update ever.  Minecraft brought into creative mode all sorts of mobs including the zombies.  This was terrible!  I updated my old, lagging tablet  just to find out what was in the update.  To my surprise there was the option to spawn all types of monster mobs. Minecraft had added all types of new building materials and other cool features, but this was not enough for me to compromise my values.  I could ignore the eggs but, in my mind they would still be there.

I will not run the update on my new tablet until I can find out how to delete these monster mobs from the game.  I would love to find something to help kids that did run the update to remove these from their devices.  If you know of a way to correct this please email me or post your comments.

For those of you that play in survival mode of Minecraft or are enjoying the new update, I hope you don't feel offended.  I know not every person plays Minecraft in the same way.  Please know that I am not judging you.  I am simply sharing my thoughts. If you have a friend that plays Minecraft be sure not to judge them. This game has many options and opportunities.  Every Christian walks differently with God and it is important to follow your feelings on what God wants for you.  As a Christian use all things to honor God!

I will be posting some tutorials on how to build things in Minecraft.  Please note all tutorials are in the CREATIVE MODE of Minecraft Pocket Edition version 8.1.

God Bless!

Matthew 7:1 "Do not judge, or you to will be judged."

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You Can Build It MINECRAFT Steve

Video Instructions to Build Minecraft Steve out of LEGO Bricks

Today I am sharing a LEGO® tutorial for a You Can Build It MINECRAFT Steve.

I will be launching a new series of MINECRAFT tutorials that will teach you how to build in creative mode in MINECRAFT.

Please note that I only play in the creative mode in MINECRAFT.  I do not recommend that you run the new update as it added the spawning of creepers, skeletons, spiders, zombies, and more to the creative play mode.  There are a lot of great additions to the game but, I was not happy about the addition of these eggs. If you know how to remove these eggs I would love to hear about it.

God Bless,

Monday, June 9, 2014

Bonjour! Homeschooling with LEGO® Bricks

Since my LEGO® Science Fair post has been one of the most popular on my blog, I thought I would share my Geography Fair Board as well.  Our homeschool group usually does a Science Fair and Geography Fair every year.  Those are two events that I look forward to.  This year I studied France.  I had an awesome time creating LEGO® displays for my project.  Here is a picture of my display at the Geography Fair.


I chose France because I love how the Eiffel Tower looks, I love cheese (France is famous for it's cheese) and I love baguettes.  Those might be funny reasons to you but, hey I'm a kid.

I created a LEGO® train to represent the train that travels from France to England, a LEGO® flag of France, a LEGO® Cafe, a LEGO® baguette platter, and of course the Eiffel Tower.  This project was lots of fun.  I love using my LEGO® bricks to learn.

Here are some photos of some of my creations.

France-Cafe-Baguette-Eiffel Tower


If you are using your LEGO® bricks in a educational way, I would love to see and hear about it.  Please feel free to email me at buildinglegoswithchrist@gmail.com.

God Bless,