Sunday, August 16, 2015

Keep Summer Cool with LEGO® Cat Mosaics

Good day everyone! Today I am sharing one of my cat mosaics, Milky.
Milky is my pet cat and my inspiration for my creation.

Mosaics are a fun and rewarding way to build with LEGO® bricks.  To get started you can use a piece of graph paper and color in your design and then build it with LEGO® bricks.  After you get the hang of it then you can just free build.  If you decide to give it a try I would love to see what you create.  

Have fun and enjoy the last days of summer fun before school starts again.

God Bless,

Here are some more mosaic creations you might enjoy.

Tampa Bay Rays LEGO MosaicLove this LEGO Seal Creation.  How fun!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Calling All Homeschoolers - Free Subscription to Discovery Education Streaming Plus

I wanted to share some exciting news for my homeschool friends.  Homeschool Buyers Co-Op is giving away a FREE subscription to Discovery Education Streaming Plus to every homeschooler for the summer.  That's right, from June 1st to August 31st, 2015, you can stream over  12,300 full length educational videos.  Not to mention tons of other educational resources including games, interactive, images, and more.  What a great way to learn all summer long.  This opportunity would usually cost you $375.00 for a year subscription.

I have not reviewed this free service, I signed up today for my free subscription and I'm really excited to try it out. Get your free trial here.  The subscription is totally free for homeschoolers till August 31, 2015.  No credit card needed.

Here's a little more information about Discovery Education:

It's easy to see why homeschoolers rave about Discovery Education Streaming Plus. It's probably the most extensive and feature-rich educational video streaming service in the world.
It's much like having the entire DVD selection of your local public library available to you from the convenience of your home, 24/7/365.
But it's not just a collection of videos that you can watch from beginning to end. This library has been organized into useable video clips, organized and categorized, close-captioned, and supplemented with lesson plans, teaching guides, interactive simulations, images, audio resources, and other resources and materials that you can incorporate into virtually every aspect of your homeschool curriculum.
Discovery Education Streaming Plus features:
  • Thousands of full-length videos from scores of producers, segmented into tens of thousands of content-specific clips tied directly to state and national standards.
  • Supplemental resources such as Assignment Builder, Quiz Center, Writing Prompt Generator, lesson plans, and more
  • Fast and accurate search functionality and dynamic navigation menus
  • The ability to customize and personalize lessons to different subjects, grades, and learning styles
  • Comprehensive K-12 curriculum coverage in six core subject areas.
  • Thousands of images
  • Membership in the Discovery Educator Network (DEN)
  • Interactive self-paced training
  • Exclusive Discovery programming such as Frozen PlanetHuman PlanetLIFEInto the UniverseMythbusters, and Curiosity
  • Video series from trusted content providers such as BBC Worldwide, CBS News, Channel 4, Discovery Studios, Scholastic, TV Ontario, and Westin Woods
  • Hundreds of games, skill builders, and body atlas interactives
  • Thousands of self-paced math tutorials spanning concepts from basic addition to calculus
  • Thousands of audio files including podcasts, classic literature audiobooks, children's literature audiobooks from Scholastic, and numerous supplemental study aids for auditory learners

Check out other homeschoolers reviews of the product here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

LEGO Angry Birds Sets Coming 2016

Hello everyone. Today I am sharing some awesome new Lego sets coming 2016! They probably will come out in the spring when the new movie comes out. 

Here is a You Tube Video from Family Gamer giving a little more details about the product.

I can't wait till the new sets come out.

God Bless,

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Reading: LEGO® Book Review 2

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing a book called Brick Vehicles by Warren Elsmore.

Front Cover of Brick Vehicles by Warren Elsmore

Back Cover of Brick Vehicles by Warren Elsmore

This book is loaded with step by step instructions showing how to build really cool air, land, and sea creations. It also, has lots of pictures of some really cool creations. My favorite creation was the NASA Space Shuttle.  If your looking for a instructional book to help you build really cool vehicles or just some inspiration this is a great book.

Amazon has some great pictures of the book inside.  Check out the link below to view.

Have a great time reading some fun LEGO® books.

God Bless,

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Reading: LEGO® Book Review

I thought it would be fun to review some LEGO® books over the summer.  I am starting this series today with one of my favorite LEGO® books, The LEGO Neighborhood Book by Brian Lyles and Jason Lyles.

The reason this one is my favorite is because I love building architecture buildings. This book offers lots of tips and I can say that my creations have definitely improved thanks to the tips in this book. I love how it teaches you to build little furnishings for your buildings. I highly recommend this one to any LEGO® fan.  Come take a look inside and stay tuned for a new book review next week.

This is the front cover 

Here is a photo of what's inside.

Another photo of what is inside. 

The back cover.

God bless,

Monday, July 6, 2015

LEGO® Wall-e Coming Soon!

I was excited to see a sneak peek of the new Wall-e set that is to be released soon by LEGO®.

I found this picture at Geekalogie so, I thought I'd share the excitement with you!

I'll let you know as soon as it's available.  This is one I will not miss!

God Bless,

Saturday, July 4, 2015

God Bless America!

Hello!  Today I am sharing a patriotic LEGO® creation to celebrate our freedom in America.  Have a fun and safe 4th.  

God bless,

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Come Take a Look at the New Changes on Building Legos with Christ

Hello Readers! I mentioned in my last post that some changes were coming to my blog. Well, I recently made some changes that effect the overall look of the blog. I plan to finish the updates by August.

I will also be updating my Facebook and Twitter page too.

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God Bless,

Footprints in the Sand LEGO Style

Hello again everyone, today I am sharing a poem called Footprints in the Sand by Mary Stevenson. 

I like the poem because it reminds me that the Lord is always there and that he never leaves.  During times that are too difficult HE carries us through.

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God Bless,