Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Save the Rainforest - You Can Build It - Caiman

South America Raiinforest - Caiman

Last week I posted pictures of my Lego Rainforest.  We have been studying South America and the rainforest in my homeschool studies. As promised, this week I will be sharing how to build some of my rainforest creations.  Today, I would like to share my Caiman creation.

Caimans have a more rounded snout like a alligator and a large upper jaw that covers up thier bottom teeth when their mouth is closed.  They belong to the same family as the American Alligator.  Caimans can be found in Central and South America.  The caiman rarely exceeds 7 feet long and has a shorter tail. 

Have fun building and leave me a comment on how this worked for you.

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  1. Big Bro and Little Bro love the caiman build that you did!!! Thanks for sharing! :)