Friday, November 30, 2012

You Can Build It! - LEGO® Candy Cane Creation

Christmas, Lego Cool Creations, Candy Cane historyLEGO Christmas Creations, Building Instructions, Candy Cane history
Do you know the history of the candy cane?  The candy cane started out as a white stick of sugar that parents gave their babies to suck on when they started to fuss.  In 1670, a German choirmaster got the idea to bend them in the shape of a shepherd's hook.  The kids were handed one when they entered Church to watch the Christmas play.

Legend says that hundreds of years later a Indiana candy maker improved on the idea.  A large red stripe was added as a symbol of Jesus's blood when he died for our sins.  Smaller stripes were added as the lashes that Jesus endured from the soldiers whips.  The white stands for Jesus's sin free life.

LEGO Duplo Building Instructions, Candy Cane history, ChristmasThe peppermint was added as a remembrance of the hyssop plant used in sacrifices.  The candy is hard and reminds us that Jesus is the Rock.

The bend in the stick reminds us of the shepherds hook and turned upside down it forms a letter J for Jesus.

Enjoy a candy cane today and remember all that Jesus has done for you and me. 

Click below to see how I built my candy canes.  Also, today I will be showing a LEGO Duplo build as well.  I have a little brother that loves to have everything I have.  I created this for him.  Now he can build one of his own.  Share God's kindness by helping someone younger build a cool candy cane creation.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

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