Wednesday, November 14, 2012

You Can Build It - Sloth from South American Rainforest

Sloth, South America
Today I will be sharing how to build my rainforest sloth.  I have been studying South America in my homeschool studies and have created my own LEGO® rainforest.

Here's a few interesting facts about sloths. Sloths are very slow moving animals and spend most of  their time up in trees.  A sloth can stay in the same tree for years.  They are nocturnal and sleep up to eighteen hours a day.  Sloths sleep upside down.  They eat very leaves, buds, twigs, and fruit.

South America Rainforest LEGO Creation, Lego Sloth, Homeschooling with Legos
South American Rainforest LEGO creation
Happy Building!

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