Sunday, December 2, 2012

LEGO® Advent Wreath

Yesterday, was the first day of Advent.  I made this LEGO Advent wreath to celebrate the season. 

LEGO Advent Wreath, Celebrating Advent LEGO Style
What does Advent mean?  Advent means coming.  We will be remembering the coming of Jesus as we celebrate his birth on December 25th. 

We like to celebrate the season with a Advent wreath.  The wreath has five candles.  Three purple, one pink, and one white.  Each candle stands for something about the coming of Christ.

The first purple candle is the Promise candle.  God promised in the Old Testament, that he would send someone to save the people of their sins.  As we light our first candle for the week, we remember that it stands for God's promise that Jesus would be born.  Each Sunday, I will be telling you about a candle and what it represents.  On Christmas we will light the final candle.

LEGO Advent Wreath, Celebrating Advent LEGO Style

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  1. Do you have a parts list for this?
    I would like to use it with my church.