Monday, December 10, 2012

LEGO® Pyramid - You Can Build It! - Homeschooling with LEGOS

LEGO Pyramid, Homeschooling with LEGOS, Mexico Pyramids
We studied Mexico last week with our Christmas around the world studies from Living Life Intentionally.  After learning about Mexico, I decided to make a LEGO Pyramid.  My LEGO pyramid while similar in structure is quite different then those created by the Aztecs as it bears the cross of Jesus Christ on top.

I have included a simple instructional pyramid build for my viewers.  I hope you enjoy building it and are inspired to learn more about Mexico's Christmas traditions.  The tradition I liked best was posadas.  They do a nine day re-enactment of Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay.  After the ninth day, they are invited to enter. What a wonderful reminder of how Mary and Joseph were turned away so many times before there was room in the inn.  God had a plan though, it was the perfect place for Jesus to be born.

Celebrate Christ today!


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  1. So fun, love the pyramid. I visited once on one of my trips to Mexico. Glad you enjoyed the Posadas article. ~mari