Thursday, January 24, 2013

LEGO® Picture Frames

I have heard lately that many kids do not realize what a great toy LEGO® bricks are.  Many parents have said that after their kids build a set, they just break it down and pack it away in the box.  Parents are surprised to see all the really cool things you can do with LEGO® bricks.

When I get a new LEGO® set, I first enjoy the challenge of building that set.  My little brother is usually waiting very patiently to play with whatever I build. After it is built, we play with it for a while, sometimes I create a stop motion video with the set.  Then eventually, it either gets broken down from playing with it, or I decide that I need more bricks to create a new creation.  I do not keep those bricks separate, they join my brick pile for new creations.  I highly recommend that you purchase the LEGO® sets, because each set comes with unique bricks that do not come in the basic brick packages.  Just for the record, LEGO® does not compensate me for any of my statements.  They are all my own opinions but, I really wish they would. 

The building ideas for LEGO® bricks are limitless.  Here is a picture frame I created out of LEGO® bricks.  This can be built in all sizes and it makes a fun frame for your room.

DIY LEGO Picture Frame,  LEGO Brick's are the Greatest Toy
DIY LEGO Picture Frame

Pull out those bricks and use your imagination.  You never know what you will come up with.

Happy Building!

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