Thursday, March 14, 2013

LEGO® Food Creations

Do you like to find fun things to build out of LEGO bricks?  I do!  I love a good challenge. 

Last month in our LEGO Club we had the challenge of creating LEGO food.  This was a great challenge because you really have to come up with something out of nothing.  I like the challenge of building new LEGO® sets but, it usually goes pretty fast for me.  However, when I receive a challenge that I have to come up with on my own, it takes me a while and I am always making changes to make it look better. 

Here are some fast food creation I came up with.  Try this challenge this week if you are looking for a fun idea.  Leave me a comment, I would love to see and hear what you built. 

God Bless,

LEGO Food, LEGO Hotdog
LEGO Hotdog Creation

LEGO Food, LEGO Hamburger and Drink
LEGO Hamburger & Drink

LEGO Food, LEGO Taco & Burrito
LEGO Taco & Burrito

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