Monday, March 25, 2013

Yellow Angry Bird - Lego Style

LEGO Angry Yellow Bird Instruction Video, You Can Built it
LEGO® Angry Yellow Bird
I am back today, with another LEGO Angry Bird post.  I have prepared an instructional video for Angry Yellow Bird.

I just wanted to say, that if you do not have all the pieces that are shown, there are a lot of other bricks that you can use to substitute for the pieces shown.  You will notice in the video that I have used other pieces to make up the 4x4 plates used.  If you do not have 4x4 plates, then you can use two 2x4, or four 2x2 ,or whatever other configuration you have. 

I hope you have fun with this. I would love to hear your comments.  Comments help me to know what things you are interested in.  Don't forget to check back soon as I will be building Blue Bird next.

God Bless,

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