Monday, May 20, 2013

LEGO® DIY Product of the Week

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This week we made some boxes out of card stock using Martha Stewart's Scoring Board and Envelope Tool. This set makes wonderful LEGO® boxes. The set comes with instructions on how to make boxes. After making one, I noticed that it looked just like a LEGO® brick, it just needed studs.

We cut four circles out using the same color card stock for the LEGO® studs. We embossed LEGO® using an embossing tool. To do this cut out a circle out of plain paper and write LEGO® on I with a black marker. Turn the paper circle over on the wrong side, put the card stock circle behind it. Use the embossing tool to go over the handwritten letters. You will need to push firmly to make it show up on the other side. The word LEGO® has to be traced on backwards to make it come out right. Then use foam mounting squares to stick it to the top. This makes the circles stand out.

These are awesome to store things in or use as party favors.

Enjoy and Happy Building!

God Bless!

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