Wednesday, June 26, 2013

God's Creation

Have you ever heard or read in a book that the world is billions of years old?  I have been studying God's word with the help of Answers for Kids, it is clear to me that the earth is not billions of years old.  It is easy to be confused with all the different sources of information out there.  However, there is a source that we can trust, the Bible itself. 

If you are confused about how long the earth has been around or whether dinosaurs roamed the earth with man, I urge you to visit Answers in Genesis site.  I have been using the Answers for Kids Bible Curriculum and I have learned so much.  No longer do I feel intimidated by evolution.  Answers in Genesis helps you locate the answers right in your own Bible. 

Today's LEGO® Creation is inspired by God's Word, the Holy Bible. You can read about creation in your own Bible starting in the first chapter Genesis.

God's Creation, Biblical LEGO Creations
God's Creation
God's Creation, Christian LEGO Creations
Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

Using LEGOS to make Bible Creations
God's Creation

 Hope you enjoy today's creation.

God Bless,

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