Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Tissue Box Got a LEGO® Makeover

This week I have been battling a summer cold.  I have had a lot of quiet time to rest and I am still recovering.  My best friend this week has been my tissue box.  When your sick, it gives you the chance to think about what your thankful for and to appreciate the small things.  I am definitely thankful for my tissues this week and I decided to give them a LEGO® makeover.   I would also like to add that I am thankful to Puffs for the tissues with the scent of Vicks.  My Nana introduced these to us and now they are a must when we get sick.  The next time you are under the weather, give these tissues a try.  In my opinion they rock!

Here is my tissue box makeover.

LEGO Tissue Box Creation, Puffs Tissues with Vicks Rock
LEGO® Tissue Box Holder

Enjoy, stay well, and God Bless,


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