Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reader Spotlight - Putting on the Full Armor of God LEGO® Style

I love when my readers share their LEGO® creations with me.  Today, I would like to spotlight a creation made by Daniel.

Daniel created a dragon.  Here is what he says about his creation. 

     "I just wanted to share a Dragon that I completely made up that can, sit up, stand
     on 4 legs, 3 legs,  2 legs, 1 leg, do handstands, lay down, and sit on it's tail.

    The knight has on the full armor of God, and notice that the shield is round and he
    has a lion on it. That represents that God doesn't end, like a circle.  The lion stands  
    for the lion of the tribe of Jude (God). The sword has the hand guard in the shape
    of a cross."
Sharing Biblical LEGO Creations
Reader Spotlight - Daniel's Knight & Dragon

Sharing Biblical LEGO Creations
Reader Spotlight
Sharing Biblical LEGO Creations
Reader Spotlight
Are you curious about whether dragons really existed?  I was.  You can read about the dragon in your Bible in Job 41:1-34.  Also, check out what Answers in Genesis has to say about them. 

Also, are you curious what it means to put on the full armor of God.  Check out Ephesians 6:10-18 in your Bible.
Thank you Daniel for sharing your creation.  I think you did an awesome job.  I love how LEGO® bricks can be used to share God's word.  I encourage you to continue to use your LEGO® creations to glorify God and share these creations with others so that they will be ministered to through your sharing.
If you would like to have your creation spotlighted, please email me at  Even though I would love to spotlight all creations, I am limiting my sharing to Biblical or educational creations only. 
Thank you for following along with my blog.
God Bless,


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