Saturday, July 13, 2013

LEGO Organization Day 4: DIY Dividers

Welcome to Day 4 of LEGO® Organization.  I have to say that all these organizational ideas have motivated me to keep up with my LEGO® sorting bucket.  It really helps me be more creative when I can find the pieces I need, instead of having to look through an unsorted LEGO® pile or under my bed.  How do those LEGO® bricks always find their way under there anyways? 

LEGO® DIY Organization Dividers

Today, I am sharing some DIY Dividers.  I have inserted these in my Iris LEGO® Project Cases.  My mom came across this idea on Pinterest and helped me put these together.  This is another project to use what you have on hand.  I used various boxes, not just cereal boxes.  So start looking around at the boxes that you use everyday for cereal, crackers, butter, etc.  Organize the boxes so that they fit into whatever you store your LEGO® bricks in.  I used plain white paper to cover my boxes but, you can use anything you like.  I feel the white helps me locate my bricks a little better.  I also, taped all my boxes together on the bottom and on top so that no little pieces would fall in between the dividers.  I can pull my dividers out in one piece when I am done. 

This idea came from I Heart Organizing, so be sure to visit her blog for the details on how to put these dividers together.

I hope you are enjoying the LEGO® Organization posts.  Special thanks to those that have emailed me that you are enjoying these posts.  Did I mention I love reading your comments?  They really make my day!

Happy Building!

God Bless,

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