Monday, August 19, 2013

Turbo LEGO® Style

Turbo, Cool LEGO Creations
LEGO® Creation of Turbo
Turbo, Cool LEGO Creations
LEGO® Creation of Turbo
Last week I went to see the movie Turbo.  It was a great movie and I now have a new outlook on snails.  We have these little guys outside in our yard.  Once my Dad planted some new flowers and within three days they ate every single one.  I guess they tasted good!  

I have now let my Dad know that snails must not be harmed.  They must be relocated. I figured that if I relocate them down near the pond in the back yard they will only take about a year to make it back to the front yard, unless they are Turbo.

It was a great movie and I couldn't resist making a little Turbo creation.  Enjoy!

Oh, happy back to school.  My Mom was looking forward to a fun LEGO® back to school post but, most of you know I build out of motivation.  Even though I am thankful to be homeschooled, I just couldn't get excited about saying bye to summer break and starting school.

I am attaching a link to a earlier post about how to build a LEGO® pencil for some back to school fun!

Enjoy & God Bless,

You will find the instructions to build the LEGO® pencil below. 

LEGO Pencil, Cool LEGO Creations,  LEGO Instructions, Fun with LEGOS
LEGO Pencil
Check out the instructional video below.  Have fun and leave me a comment on how you liked it!

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