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Geek Out with EEME Product Review

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I recently had the opportunity to review and build the Genius Light an EEME Product.  I can sum up my review in one little word FUN!

I loved EEME's logo it looked like LEGO® bricks to me. Guess what?  I built it out of LEGO® bricks.

EEME Product Review, Electronic Kits for Kids, 1st Month Free Offer end 9/16
My EEME LEGO Creation
What is EEME?   EEME offers monthly subscriptions for hands-on project kits that teach kids like you and me about electronics. The kits are geared towards kids 7- 12 years old.   Each project kit provides online instructions that guide you through assembling the project and teach you the concepts applied.

EEME Product Review, Electronic Kits for Kids, 1st Month Free Offer end 9/16
EEME Product Review
The kit I reviewed is the Genius Light kit.   With the Genius Light project, I assembled a simple LED circuit system that does something awesome - lights up when it is dark and dims when it is light!  The project kit was shipped with all the materials needed to build the Genius Light (a breadboard, resistors, circuits, LEDs, battery).  Once I received my kit, I went to to access an online video that taught me how to build the Genius Light, and explained the electrical engineering concepts behind it.  The video is awesome.  I really like videos that take you step by step in how to build things.   Something really cool about EEME is that all videos are free on the site.  I did have a question about the LED light when I was assembling my kit.  I emailed Jack and received a quick response that answered all my questions and kept me on track with my kit.  He welcomes your questions so feel free to contact him at  I love when a company has awesome customer service. That's a plus in my book!
So, what happens after you complete your first kit?  Well, first you show it off to your friends.  Then you can purchase a monthly subscription to EMEE's other electronic project kits.  With your subscription, you will receive a new kit each month with all the electronic components you need to build a new project.  The future projects will build on the previous month's knowledge.  They have some fun interactive quizzes in the video that help you remember what you just learned.  I love the challenge of seeing if I can answer them right.  EEME has a goal to provide a curricula that will teach kids like you and me the fundamentals of electronics, while fostering our curiosity and critical thinking skills. 
Okay, so how much will this learning fun cost Mom and Dad?  EEME offers plans starting around $18.95 per month.  I think it is a fair price for the kit and the knowledge that you receive from it.   However, EEME has graciously extended an awesome offer.  For a limited time you will receive the exact same kit I received free.  To access your offer click here.   This offer expires on 9/16/2013.
You can find EEME on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.
I love being able to offer you insight to products that spark the desire to build.  I love LEGO bricks, however I also enjoy learning about technology beyond the bricks.  I look forward to learning more about electronics through EEME.
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