Friday, October 18, 2013

Product Review: A Light for My Path

A Light for My Path, Apologia, Product Review

I was recently given the opportunity to review, A Light for My Path by Davis Carman.  This is an ABC book based on Psalm 119.  When given the opportunity, I thought that this would be a nice book for my little brother.  Upon receiving it, I found that I really enjoyed it myself. 

A Light for My Path, Apologia, Product Review

A Light for My Path is published by Apologia.  Apologia is a widely respected name in the Christian home school community.  I currently use their science home school curriculum.   I love being able to trust that I will not find evolution lurking around the corner.  Apologia is a Christian family-owned business with a mission to help families learn, live, and defend the historic Christian faith.   That's important to me!

Apologia has some wonderful books, A Light for My Path is no exception.  The pages are illustrated beautifully by Alice Ratterree, with a animal or plant for each letter of the alphabet.  The otter is my favorite illustration.  The book is based on Psalms 119, an acrostic poem.  Did you know that Psalm 119 is noted for being the longest chapter in the Bible?  Each page shows a capital and lowercase letter along with the plant or animal for that letter.  I liked how the previous animal or plant is displayed on the next page that follows each letter.  In the back of the book the full Psalm 119 is printed, along with the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  I found that totally cool.

A Light for My Path, Apologia, Product Review

A Light for My Path describes God's Word, laws, statutes, decrees, commands, and precepts on each page with repetition that helps enforce the subject.  This book has four main purposes.  First, it is a great book for a parent to read to a child during quiet time.   Secondly, it reinforces the alphabet for little guys, like by brother, by showing the capital and lowercase letter on each page.  Most importantly, it plants a seed of  love for God's word.  Lastly, it can be used to teach the Hebrew alphabet.

A Light for My Path is available for $14.00 on Apologia's website.  I am sure your going to love it!

Apologia offers a .pdf sampler of this book if you would like to check it out.
You can find Apologia at the links listed below:


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