Thursday, October 31, 2013

This Little Light of Mine - I'm Going to Let it Shine!

Today is a great day to let your light shine for Jesus!  If we don't let our lights shine, then we miss a wonderful opportunity to share Jesus.  Lots of people ask, "What will you dress up as?" or "Do you have plans for Halloween?"  I am happy to share with them that I attend church on Halloween and invite them for the fun.  People always say, "Have a Happy Halloween."  I reply, "Happy Harvest."  They always look at me a little crazy and some actually ask, "Why Happy Harvest?"  What a wonderful opportunity to share Jesus!  Happy Harvest is two fold for me.  It's a celebrating of harvesting all the wonderful crops God has given us during this time of year and a chance to harvest souls for Jesus.

In our house, we always visit the pumpkin patch each year and enjoy looking at all of God's wonderful creations.  Do I see pumpkins as something that represents Halloween?  Absolutely not!  Pumpkins, along with all the other fruit, are given as a gift from God and I use it to honor Him. 

I hope you feel encouraged to share with those who are lost this Halloween.  I pray that you will be a light for Jesus, too!

Below you will find a LEGO pumpkin I created last year.

Lego Creation, Light Up Pumpkin Lego Creation 
Jesus is the Light of the world.

Do you understand what Halloween represents?  Check out the awesome post from What's in the Bible? about the meaning, history, and Christian response ideas.

Enjoy and Happy Harvest!

If you like What's in the Bible? then check out my What's in the Bible? LEGO Creations.

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