Thursday, November 7, 2013

Are Those Piggies Still After Those Eggs?

Angry Birds LEGO Creation, Bad Piggies, #LEGO Creations
The game continues, the pigs steal the eggs and the birds seek revenge.  While the game is fun and my favorite, I wait for the day when the birds quit seeking revenge.   I often wonder what would happen if the birds were kind to the pigs instead of seeking revenge.  I know it's a video game and that makes it fun!  However, in everyday life, it is hard to be kind when someone wrongs us.

We have been talking about kindness in our family.  Often times, when someone hurts our feelings it is hard to show them kindness at that very moment.  Did you know that God desires us to be kind and love one another.  What would the world be like if every time someone did something mean, the other person turned around and was kind and loving?  Would the world be a better place?

My challenge to you is, to go out of your way to be kind to the person that troubles you the most and cover them in prayer continuously.    Do this for a month and see the results.

God Bless,

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