Friday, November 22, 2013

LEGO® My Loom

LEGO is the perfect toy!  You may wonder why I say this.  The reason is, that I can build anything with these little bricks.  When I get tired of it or the fad changes, I simply break them down and build the newest and greatest thing.

Okay, I have built the latest fad and the good news is I am sharing a "You Can Build It" video tutorial with you.  Where I live, the Rainbow Loom and rubber band bracelets are very popular.  I love making these and the challenge of trying new techniques.  You Tube is loaded with rubber band video tutorials on different things to make with these rubber bands. 

When I looked for ways to make your own loom, I came up with nothing.  That got me thinking and I went to my favorite toy LEGO® bricks to work this out.  The result LEGO® My Loom!

LEGO My Loom, DIY Video Tutorial on how to create a rubber band loom out of LEGO bricks, Building LEGOS with Christ

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Click below to watch my DIY LEGO® My Loom.
Click below to watch DIY LEGO® My Loom Tool.

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