Saturday, November 2, 2013

See The Light

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I am happy to share with you a wonderful art program by See The Light
See the Light is a awesome art program that you can do at home.  I was given the opportunity to try Repeated Sweets in the Art Projects line.  Not only did I learn a lot about Wayne Thiebaud, I have a great time learning about drawing and painting with watercolors.  I have always enjoyed painting with watercolors.  Thanks to Pat Knepley, the Master Artist in See the Light, I learned how to effectively paint with watercolor paint.  Previously, the paint in my watercolor paintings would always bleed together and I really didn't achieve my desired result. 
After watching the Repeated Sweets DVD just once and following along, I learned several new techniques. 
Step one was to choose the sweets I wanted to draw and cut them out.  The DVD provided great instructions and tips to help me with this.  
See The Light Product Review
See The Light Product Review
In Step two, I decided on the sweet I would like to use, my layout, and learned about flat washing with watercolor. 
See The Light Product Review

Next, I learned how to make my watercolor start out darker and lighten it little by little and how to add details to my painting.

See The Light Product Review
Lastly, I learned how to add final details with shading and shadowing.
See The Light Product Review

 I loved learning all these new techniques and about Wayne Thiebaud.   My favorite part about the whole program was that Pat Knepley, the master artist, shared God's word during quiet times throughout the lessons.  I love finding Christian authors in my homeschool journeys.  What a blessing See The Light is!
See The Light offers a variety of different art lessons.  We did not have to purchase any expensive art supplies to complete this program.   We used supplies we already had on hand.  The Repeated Sweets DVD art program is just $14.99 and is available for purchase on the See The Light Webpage.  The age range starts at 10 and up.  However, my little four year old brother followed along right with me and did a wonderful job.  They also offer some free lessons on their website if you would like to try it out for yourself.  I am sure you will not be disappointed. 
Interested?  Here is where you can find See The Light.

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