Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hello Fresh Product Review

Help you child love veggies, Hello Fresh Product Review,

I have a wonderful company to tell you about today, Hello Fresh!  I was provided an opportunity to review this product through Mosaic Reviews in exchange for my honest opinion. 
Hello Fresh is a company that provides a free delivery service of delicious recipes and the ingredients needed to make these recipes directly to your door each week. 
Here is how it works:      
  • Hello Fresh's chefs create delicious recipes that are easy to prepare. They ensure a balanced and varied diet.  We found that the recipes were all very unique and easy to make.  We loved the beautiful recipe cards that are professionally printed.
HelloFresh creates the recipes
  • The next part is awesome.  Hello Fresh does the shopping for you.  I do dislike the weekly trips to the grocery store with my mom so, this is a awesome in my book.  Hello Fresh sources only the highest-quality and freshest produce.  We found beautiful fresh produce, meat, and some organic items in our box. 
We feature recipes for you to choose from
  • Hello Fresh then delivers this to you free of charge on Wednesday every week.  Our box actually arrived on Thursday morning, but with the Christmas holiday a delay in shipping sometimes cannot be avoided.  The box was well insulated and the ice packs still frozen and everything was fresh and cold.
We go shopping for you in the exact quantities
  • The next part is where the fun starts.  You unpack the ingredients and plan out when you will cook.  Recipes typically take only 30 minutes or less and don't require fancy equipment. Anyone can cook with Hello Fresh.   Hello Fresh's mission is to get more people to cook by using their beautiful step-by-step photo instructions.  We did not need any fancy equipment to create our meals.  The instructions were easy to follow.  Prep time took about 30 minutes or less and cooking time was around 30 minutes or less. 
Here is what we made:
Help you child love veggies, Hello Fresh Product Review,
This Saut√©ed Chicken with Ginger Parsnips and Carrots was delicious.  I had never had parsnips before and I usually do not care for cooked carrots.  My mom was very happy to hear that I loved it and was surprised when I asked for seconds.  I have to admit, I am not a big vegetable fan but, this was delicious.
Help you child love veggies, Hello Fresh Product Review,
This Hearty Beef Stew with Chickpeas and Green Beans was so good.  I don't think I want to ever go back to canned soup again.  Did you know green beans and chickpeas taste good?  I didn't until I tried this recipe from Hello Fresh.  I was so surprised that my green beans tasted good!  I didn't even know that I liked chickpeas.  I am pleading with my mom to make some more of this one.
Help you child love veggies, Hello Fresh Product Review,
In my book you can never go wrong with pasta.  This Penne all' Arrabbiata was delicious.  We omitted the pancetta, because we do not eat pork.  Even without it, it was delicious.  The pasta was whole grain pasta and the tomatoes were organic.  Another winner from Hello Fresh!
I also would like to add that Hello Fresh's website is very user friendly and we had no problem placing our order.  We received email confirmation after our order was placed and was provided with tracking information for our package.  We also received a friendly call welcoming us to Hello Fresh and providing us with a 800 number should we have any questions.
You might be wondering why would I need this service?  I know first hand that my mom spends time each week planning recipes to make, creating a grocery list, and grocery shopping.  Hello fresh does this all for you and then you have more time to focus on other things. 
Now, your probably wondering if it is affordable?  The cost at the time of this post for the classic box is $69.00 for three meals for two people or $129.00 for three meals to feed four people.  I feel like that is a reasonable cost for what is provided to you.  We found that having to buy the items at the grocery store cost more money because, instead of buying a carrot for example we had to buy a whole bag.    Hello Fresh provides you with just what you need and you don't have to pay for excess that you do not need.  We received the box that feeds two and we had more than enough food to feed the four of us. 
Another great thing about Hello Fresh is that they provide substitutes.  If you do not care for fish, chicken, or the meat offered you have options.
Are you a vegetarian?  No problem!  Hello Fresh provides vegetarian boxes at the time of this posting for $59.00 to feed two and $109.00 to feed four.
Interested in giving Hello Fresh a try?  Use coupon code XWANUG to get $20.00 off your first order.  I am sure you will be pleased and maybe you will discover something new to love.  You can log on online or call 1-203-315-8637.
God Bless,

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