Friday, January 24, 2014

Ziggurats for Jesus

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We recently studied about the Sumerians in my Mystery of History homeschool lessons.  It was interesting that the Sumerians had such advanced skills back in 2300 B.C.  Some houses had flushing systems for their toilets and believe it or not hot and cold water! They also possessed building skills and built a large ziggurat. Sadly though these structures were used to worship idols.

My lesson included a challenge to build a Ziggurat like the one found in Ur by Leonard Woolley.  I can never resist a LEGO challenge although, I did not want to be building something that dishonored God in any way. Therefore, I completed my Mysterty in History challenge and built my Ziggurat to honor Jesus!  You will notice my ziggurat includes a cross at the top to honor God.  I also had some fun with this and made a sliding door on the side with treasures inside for fun.

Using your LEGO® bricks to make creations for things you are studying is a great way to help you understand what you are learning.

I hope you like my Ziggurat for Jesus!

God Bless,

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