Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Reading Eggs Review

We recently reviewed Reading Eggs!  What is Reading Eggs you might be wondering?

Reading Eggs is a unique online world where kids can learn to read.  They offer individual, one-on-one lessons that allow you to move forward at your own rate.  The program has been developed by a team of teachers, writers, and developers.  They offer a reading curriculum of phonics and sight words to get your child ready for successful reading.  Reading Eggs is for children aged 3-7.  Reading Eggspress is for kids ages 7-13.

The site has interactive animations, fun games, great songs, and lots of rewards.  Every lesson ends with a new book and critter to add to your collection.

First Steps

Online subscriptions and Book Packs are available for purchase.  A six month subscriptions is $49.95 and a year subscription is $69.00.  Additional children can be added for 50% off the subscription price.  Book Packs include books, stickers, mini posters, activity books, and flash cards to play games with.  These Book packs range from $65.00 to $110.00.  Reading Eggs does offer a money back guarantee.

Reading Eggs is offering a 5 week free trial as part of the Read-To-Cure Challenge.*  This is a effort to inspire children to read while raising money for the NCCS.  You are encouraged to complete as many books as you can between February 3 and March 7th, 2014.  There are prizes to be one for the top three children to read the most books and raise the most money.

Reading Eggs Read-to-Cure Challenge
*NCCS will earn a minimum of $25,000 from Reading Eggs plus 100% of the donations collected by RTCC participants.

Reading Eggs is also available on iPad and Android.  

Here is what we thought . . .

My little brother has been using this program over the past two months.  He has completed over 50 lessons and I will say that he has learned a lot from the program.  He is reading words and sentences after using this program.  It is very fun for him.  He enjoys seeing what character he will get at the end of the lesson.  As you complete a lesson a egg cracks open and a new character is revealed.  The program also awards each mini lesson with coins that can be used to play games and buy things for your virtual home.  He loves decorating his home and customizing his avatar.  The books are fun for him too.  He does need help on the tests because he cannot read all the answers yet to select the correct answer.  That would be a recommendation of mine to have audio on the answers when you scroll over them.  

What we disliked about the program is that occasionally we had ghosts, monsters, or aliens pop up during his lessons at this point my mom had to take over the lesson.  I'm not sure why this is always popping up in children's learning and toys.  It is not something we enjoy.  We would still subscribe to this program but, would by pass those parts that had ungodly creatures.

I tried the program myself and I had a hard time finding book of interest in my age range.  Most of the books were full of evolution or just not wholesome topics.  I would not subscribe to the program for my age range and did not continue my trial.

I hope this review helps some of you that may be looking for a source of online learning.

Your can find Reading Eggs on FacebookTwitter, online or by phone at 1-877-661-4898.

God Bless,

I received this product in exchange for my honest review.  This is my honest opinion of this product.

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