Saturday, June 7, 2014

LEGO® My Carrot and a LEGO® Product Review

I received this cute LEGO® Bunny set as a gift.  I really like the set so, I thought I would share a review of the product.

The set comes with 106 pieces and is for kids ages 7 and above.  My brother that is 5 was able to build it with a little help.  It is reasonably priced for a LEGO® set at $9.99 on  The set number is 40086.  The bunny has adjustable ears, arms, and a carrot that is detachable.  I love the new eyeball piece that the Creator sets are coming with.  I had fun building this one.  

While I love getting new LEGO® sets my heart loves free building.  I couldn't resist creating a giant carrot with my own LEGO® collection for my bunny.  This carrot is not part of the review but, goes with the bunny theme.  Just thought I would share it along with this review. 


Have a great weekend!

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