Saturday, September 13, 2014

Brick Dreams

While reading my daily subscription to News-o-matic, I learned about a charity called Brick Dreams.

Brick Dreams was started by a high school student named Bailey Snow. Like all of us, Bailey loved playing with LEGO® bricks.  What makes this story most interesting is his desire to provide LEGO® bricks to kids that don't have any bricks to play with.  He collects these bricks, sorts them, cleans them, and repackages them in empty tennis ball containers.  Each container is filled with LEGO® bricks and includes one minifigure.  I especially like the fact that LEGO® weapons are omitted from his containers.  These tubes are then distributed to shelters or police stations.

I love hearing stories about kids making a difference.  If you have LEGO® bricks that need a new home please consider supporting this charity.  Brick Dreams is located in Granite Bay, California. Click here to visit Brick Dreams website or here to visit him on Facebook. This is a great mission and I look forward to hearing more about how Brick Dream's is making kids dreams come true.  

Nice job, Bailey!

God Bless,

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