Friday, October 24, 2014

The Apple Store Rocks!

I love how Apple is so eager and generous to educate us kids. Yesterday, I went to the Apple Store for a field trip. My homeschool friends and I had a great time.  We learned how to make ibooks.  We created illustrations in the Paper 53 app and then imported them into ibook editor.  Now I have my very own ibook written and illustrated by me.  How cool is that!

Okay, this would not be a wonderful post without me sharing my ibook with all of you.

Here is the link for my ibook.

I hope you enjoy my story.  Special thanks to Ryan at Apple and all his staff.  You guys are awesome!

Guess what else is so cool?  When you attend a field trip at the Apple store, they give you a really cool Apple Field Trip t-shirt and a USB wristband that has your project saved on it.  Thanks Apple for going the extra mile for us kids.

God Bless,


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