Sunday, March 22, 2015

LEGO® Science Fair Project

I would like to share today, one of my readers science project boards.  Christian was inspired by a one of my previous posts and completed this project for school.  He received a very nice grade from his teacher.  Congratulations, Christian, and thanks so much for sharing a picture of your science board.

I always welcome my readers to share Biblical or educational creations. What are you building with your LEGO® bricks today?

Here's my original post back in 2012:

Last year, I used my LEGO® bricks for my Science Fair Project.  My project was titled Skyscrapers Built to Last.  I made a shake board and tested my LEGO structure at different heights.  It was a lot of fun and I won first prize.

Here are pictures of my science board, shake table, smallest and largest structure.  You can find instructions to build your shake board at Science Buddies website.  Enjoy and happy building!
God Bless,
LEGO brick Science Fair Project, Skyscraper Science Project
My Science Board, Shake Table and Largest Structure
LEGO brick Science Fair Project, Skyscraper Science Project
Close up of shake table and smallest structure.

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