Saturday, May 21, 2016

LEGO© WALL-E: Review

The LEGO Wall-E set is out. It is just like the the character from the movie with rotating arms, movable treads, rotating head, moving hands, and opening front. He is one cool character. Wall-E is built out of a rare yellow and has other cool pieces. This is not an ordinary LEGO set. It was actually voted in as a LEGO IDEAS set. Augus MacLane the animation director of Wall-E from Disney/Pixar built the set.

Here is what he said about the build and the character.

Augus MacLane
“I started building the LEGO® version of WALL•E around the same time he was being built in the computer at Pixar, in the late summer of 2005. The color scheme of the character wasn’t settled so I started building with all light gray. As we refined the robot’s design for the film, I would update my LEGO model. Once we got busier on the film, I had less time to build, so I put him on the shelf for a while.
Once we finished animation production in 2008, I rebuilt him with the proper colors. The original treads I used were too small and pretty flimsy, but a LEGO bulldozer had been launched by then, which gave me my solution. After I submitted the design to LEGO Ideas, I did a few more revisions to the model to make it more accurate to the character design. Having stared at this robot for so many years, I was extremely familiar with the proportions and functionality of WALL•E. Great input from LEGO Product Designer Steen Sig Andersen and the team at The LEGO Group, and from Andrew Stanton (the director of WALL•E), helped push the LEGO WALL•E to its final design. It took a lot of iterations over almost a decade, but I’m really happy with how the final LEGO WALL•E turned out.”

Here is what LEGO® said about the movie WALL-E.

Wall-E image

WALL•E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class), is the last robot left on Earth. He spends his days tidying up the planet, one pile of garbage at a time. During the 700 years he has existed, WALL•E has developed a personality, and he is more than a little lonely. Then he meets EVE, a sleek search robot sent to Earth on a scanning mission. WALL•E chases EVE across the galaxy and inadvertently embarks on a space journey that ultimately decides the fate of humankind.

Here is a video about the set.

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