Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Phil Vischer!

I heard on Facebook that it was Phil Vischer's birthday today!  So, this post is in honor of him.  He is the creator of What's in the Bible? and Veggie Tales.  Phil Vischer,  I wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Some of my first creations were the characters from What's in the Bible and Veggie Tales.  Here is an overview of them in honor of Phil's special day!

What's in the Bible and Veggie Tales LEGO Creations

If you missed these LEGO® creations.  I have made a list of links below.

Veggie Tales LEGO® Creations:
Laura Carrot, Sheriff Bob, Jean Claude Pea, Miss Kitty, Little Joe,

What's In The Bible?  LEGO® Creations:
Buck Denver, What's in the Bible? , Brother Louie, Agnes, Winifred, Chuck Waggin, Doctor Schniffenhousen

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