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I am ten years old.  I am homeschooled and love to create with LEGOS.  I love learning, experimenting with new things, and I enjoy sharing them with my readers.  I am very active in my community and homeschool groups.
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My site is directed towards kids that love LEGOS and their parents.  My readers are interested in products and services that are educational and fun!
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I am 100% honest in my reviews.  As a Christian it is important to be a true to your word.  If for any reason the product I receive gets a negative review, I will contact you to see how we can resolve the issue before posting it on my blog. 
When I receive an item to be reviewed, I will contact you upon receipt.  I give you and estimated date that your review will appear on my site.  I will also link to your website.  If you would like me to link to your Facebook page or Twitter account, please include this information with your email.
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  1. im vdsnyder7734 i make lego bible movies on youtube
    [look me up! =D ]